Having been released for a few weeks the problems experienced by many gamers appear to be improving. Many US gamers had problems connecting to multiplayer games. This is made worse by the fact that Line of Contact is Online only. As US gamers had to fork out approx $250 for the game there were many unhappy consumers. The problems started upon the day of release, when Capcom released a consumer notice stating that players would need remarkably high upload speeds to play the game. A standard broadband connection would not meet these requirements. A very large proportion of US gamers who met these stringent requirements could still not enter the games. Blame was initially put in several places by annoyed consumers. Faulty cable modems, poor Capcom netcode, capped bandwidths, incompatible routers to name a few. The game servers are now receiving daily maintainance and gamers who initally had problems are beggining to enjoy the game online. Capcom have released a complaint/feedback form to those who contacted customer services about online issues.

Uk gamers will be able to purchase Steel Battalion from the 26th of march for approxiamtely £130. Hopefully the majority of connection issues will be resolved by that date. Due to the limited release of the game pre-ordering is essential. Uk gamers interested in the game should check out www.steelbattalion.co.uk. I'll be in the forums as Daniel_Cade.