The latest new and improved version of Time of Defiance is now available. Major features of this release are:

  • Known-Island locations kept between sessions, meaning you no longer lose the information and location of an island just because you logged off.

  • Introduction of an Island finder, and an improved Empire view highlighter when locating a unit, or an island, through a message.

  • Improved gate code entry, simply right-click on the code given by the Eighth House to enter it into the gate-code dialogue.

  • An interface to handle ally/friend/enemy status of other empires.

  • New auto-gather options added to the refueller and Battle bomber.

  • Improved Empire View visual clues showing the location of combat.

  • Remote Mining option added to far-reach.
The client can be downloaded from the following:

- Official Website.

- 3D Gamers.