Partnering to bring the ultimate dancing experience on the Xbox video game Dancing Stage Unleashed, an all-new version from the successful Dancing Stage series and the Dance Mat, a sturdy dance mat controller to shake your 'booty'!

The Dance Mat packaging has been specifically designed to promote the inclusion of Dancing Stage Unleashed bundle.

"We are delighted with our close collaboration with Konami U.K.", states Michael Flanagan of Thrustmaster UK. "In the current climate of dancing fever on consoles, our common purpose was to match the releases of Konami's game and of our dance mat controller in order to offer the most fun and excitement to the Xbox users."

"Konami U.K. is happy to join forces with Thrustmaster for the release of our latest dance game for Xbox", explains Jon Murphy at Konami of Europe. "Thrustmaster's commitment to product quality and know-how in peripherals for Xbox ensures Dancing Stage Unleashed offers players perfect gameplay and ultra-realistic dancing sensations."

Over 20 tunes will appear in the final Xbox game, with a mixture of Konami-produced and licensed songs to get those feet moving. Leading the line of recognised tracks are 'Heart of Glass' and 'Call Me' by Blondie, The Wonderstuff's 'Size of a Cow', and 'Up the Bracket', 'Nu Flow' by Big Brovaz and finally 'Ebeneezer Goode' by the Shaman and 'Saturn 5' by The Inspiral Carpets both of which include video footage.

Dancing Stage Unleashed also adds a number of elements exclusive to the Xbox version. In addition to downloading tracks, the game's Xbox Live compatibility allows fans to download new dance steps, compete with rival dancers online and even see how they fare on an Internet league table. Also included is the signature 'Work Out' mode, allowing players to count the calories as they dance; and a new 'Challenge' level, setting the player specific in-game tasks.

With the Thrustmaster Dance Mat for Xbox, fans will transform their Xbox into an interactive dance floor. From the central neutral area, move your feet onto the eight action zones, according to the game's instructions. Your movements are reproduced onto the TV screen.... you're dancing!

The sturdy mat is made of ultra-resistant materials for maximum solidity and stability. Like Konami's Dancing Stage Unleashed, the Dance Mat is fully compatible with the Xbox Live online service (thanks to its included 2 slots) and is compatible with all Xbox dance games.

Konami's Dancing Stage Unleashed and Thrustmaster's Dance Mat for Xbox will be released in February 2004 and will retail at £39.99.