Stardock have released Galactic Civilizations: Expanded Universe, a free expansion pack for their galactic strategy game, Galactic Civilizations:

    Set near the dawn of the 23rd century, the player takes on the role of leader of the human civilization and must compete against dozens of alien civilizations in the creation of an interstellar empire.

    The free expansion pack includes hundreds of new features, tweaks, and enhancements based on player feedback. These features include:

    • Rally points. Players can now set rally points to automatically send ships to different positions in the galaxy.

    • A new integrated Encyclopedia. Players can now instantly access a built in technology tree navigator, information on ships, planets, stars, and ships, and other data via hyperlinks within the game.

    • Updated graphics for stars, sector drawing, space anomalies, and more to enhance the visual appeal of the game.

    • Enhanced Governors that allow players to obsolete older ship designs and more effectively manage a vast interstellar civilization including an explored star list, slider locking, and other UI enhancements.

    • "Dungeon Master" mode (cheat keys) that let players tweak the game on the fly to create a more customized experience.

    • A host of new technologies, random events, new anomalies, new ships, and more.

    • Hundreds of new sectors in the largest galaxy size.
The expansion pack can be downloaded from here.