HomeLAN chats with Ubi Soft's Benoit Galarneau as he talks about Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu, the upcoming animated console action game based on the animated series:

    HomeLAN - What can you tell us about the new villain for the game, Sin Tzu?

    Benoit Galarneau - Sin Tzu is a grand strategist and master martial artist who has studied the ancient art of Metha-Sua; the channeling of mental energy into physical energy and vice versa. He does not lust for money or revenge; rather, he is an arrogant conqueror who prides himself in conquering worthy opponents who have never been beaten before.

    Sin Tzu has coated his skin in gold, as it is a perfect natural conductor and sealant to encase his yin/yang psychic alchemy or "Metha-Sua" inside his body. On his forehead he wears a jagged yin/yang symbol, the symbol of Metha-Sua.