TeamXbox chats with Bethdesa's Todd Howard as he talks about Morrowind Game of the Year (GotY) Edition, which includes The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, along with content from the two Morrowind expansions: Tribunal and Bloodmoon:

    "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind" received very good reviews when it was released on both PC and Xbox. Are you pleased with the scores? Were you expecting such a success?

    Todd H: Very pleased, I think the gaming community really embraced our game and the things we were trying to do with it. In particular the Xbox community, which I now consider myself a hardcore member of (all I play is Xbox now). They really took to the game. Xbox players are a lot more sophisticated than most developers give them credit for. They want deep games that challenge them, games that try new things. I wasn't expecting the level of success we had and are still having on Xbox. Morrowind was still a top 10 Xbox game for May, June, and July of this year -- a full year after release. That's pretty amazing. It's just one of those games that people feel they need to see what it's all about, then they tell their friends to try it.