Action Vault have posted part one of an interview with Head Designer and Studio Director Ignacio Perez about Commandos 3, the latest in the tactical strategy series:

    Action Vault: What is the basic structure you've chosen to implement in Commandos 3: Destination Berlin, and how linear or non-linear will the game be?

    Ignacio Perez Dolset: The game is structured with three different campaigns and a tutorial section. The three campaigns are not divided in missions, but in what we could call episodes. The story evolves through these episodes, and while some of them can happen in a single map, others can happen in two or even three maps. We have tried to break the traditional mission scheme into something more dynamic, something that gives a much more solid plot and a link through the whole campaign.

    The game will be linear in its structure; i.e. all players will have to go through the same maps and episodes. However, it will not be linear at all in the way to progress through them. Not only there will be many ways and routes to progress through each one, but there will be also dynamic changes in them depending on the player's actions, so the enemy can call for reinforcements, try to escape, trigger an alarm, reorganize its troops, etc...