Warcry have posted part two of their interview with Nicely Crafted Entertainment's Gary Wood, Mark Ashton and Paddy Paddison about their persistent world RTS, Time of Defiance:

    WarCry: The players take the role as the different clans of the Cogs. It is a bit unorthodox to let the players be the bad guys, while the Shadoo with their advanced technology are the good guys. Why have you made that choice?

    Mark: Well, neither side is really the good or bad guy here but as far as the player is concerned the Shadoo should be the baddies. All players control a clan, a house of the great Cog empire. The mightiest of these Cog houses is the Eighth House and it is they who control the majority of Nespanona (the planet the game is set on). Long ago, the Eighth House discovered another race on Nespanona - the Shadoo - and instantly declared war (the Cog are like that). The war still wages today and the Eighth House sells a nice line in spoils of war - selling Shadoo units to any house with enough money.

    There is one other player on Nespanona though, and that is the ancient Nespan. They were the race responsible for the collapse of the crust millions of years ago and were thought to have fled the planet with a mass evacuation. Recently though strange probes have been spotted around Nespanona and the signs are that when the Nespan left they didn't leave for good ...

    Paddy: Cog the bad guys not a bit of it, the Shadoo are a war-mongering race with only conquest on their minds (at least that is what the Eighth House tell us)