Action Vault interviews Kuma Reality Games' Director of Marketing and Sales Glenn Broderick about Kuma: War, their first person shooter that puts players in the frontlines of international conflict:

    Action Vault: What leads you to believe a subscription-based action game with weekly episodic content is an idea that's right for today, that enough gamers are willing to pay for it, and that you can deliver quality content on a weekly schedule?

    Glenn Broderick: The proof that Kuma: War is an idea whose time has come can be seen in just about every entertainment medium. TV, of course, set the bar for releasing episodic content. Hollywood has followed a somewhat similar path with its demonstrated love of sequels (and movies like The Matrix trilogy and Kill Bill are taking that to a new level, essentially making one movie spread across multiple episodes). When you think about the content that's actually appearing on TV and in films, the justification for Kuma: War is even more pronounced. Cable news channels are dominated by news shows focused on international conflict, while network TV is dominated by reality TV. Some of the most successful films are based on, in part or in whole, military conflicts that actually happened.

    Games are primed to follow TV and film in this regard. You can already see that gamers have a desire for games based on authentic re-creations of real world events by looking at the sales charts. The Tom Clancy and Delta Force franchises traditionally sell very well, and I would say those sales are as much due to with the events being portrayed as to the quality of gameplay. The one thing that's not available right now is the ability for users who are into this sort of experience to participate in it on a weekly / monthly basis. Traditionally, you'd have to wait 12 to 24 (or more) months for a game to come out that represented an actual international conflict. That's where Kuma: War comes in. We're gonna' turn these events around in six to eight weeks.