RPG Vault have posted part 32 of their Dragon Empires Q&A. In this part Peter Tyson answers some questions about the games AI:

    Jonric: Related to realism, some players want monsters to be predictable in where they are, how they react, how they fight, how difficult they are et al, but this can easily lead to repetitive gameplay. How are you addressing this? Will seemingly similar creatures vary in their behavior?

    Peter Tyson: I think with a monster type there should be some continuity of behavior so players can learn how to expect a monster to behave. This is much like the real world. You know not to go chasing bulls around a field, but on the other hand, can expect a kitten to be fairly harmless. Thus, demons are expected to be intelligent and aggressive, rock monsters, fairly stupid. Within each species of monsters, however, we can tweak the AI for different types and also the AI will, to a degree, evolve based on the experiences of that particular monster.