Action Vault chats with Adam Gregersen and Benedict Odemotland as they talk about Gangland, the upcoming RTS/RPG/SIM game from MediaMobsters and Whiptail Interactive:

    Action Vault: With reference to the backstory, central plot and setting, what is Gangland about, and when and where does it take place?

    Adam Gregersen: Our story begins when Chico, the youngest of five brothers, is killed one night in Palermo and all evidence points at his three older brothers, Romano, Sonny and Angelo. They flee to America - Paradise City - with the fourth brother Mario (you) on their tail sent by grandpa to hunt them down and kill them. It's a terrible tragedy actually.

    The game setting is contemporary, but we've been inspired by the "classic" mafia underworld that flourished in the 1920 and '30s, giving you the opportunity to drive around town in a Dodge Viper while you pump your opponents full of lead with a good old-fashioned Tommy gun.