HomeLAN chats with Kuma Reality Games' Glenn Broderick as he talks about Kuma: War, their upcoming real world military shooter:

    HomeLAN - How hard is it to make a game that is fun as well as realistic and timely?

    Glenn Broderick - That's the biggest challenge for anyone making a game based on stuff that's actually occurred. We want it to be authentic and accurate, but we also don't want to produce "Sim Supply Sergeant." The number one goal of the game is to try and show you what happens if you're in the pair of "boots on the ground" you hear about so often in the news. We believe - and the history of this genre of games proves - that this experience is compelling. To make sure we're getting the authenticity of the experience right, we have an advisory board of military veterans headed by Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson, USMC, (Ret.). To make sure we're getting the fun part of it right, we have a team of accomplished game production folks working 'round the clock.