Boomtown interviews André LaMothe about his latest project, the XGameStation console, which unlike todays consoles will allow you to write your own software or even design hardware for it as it comes with complete schematics:

    The details on the XGS site seem too good to be true - the ability to work at a hardware level to squeeze every inch of power out of the console by providing a completely open API is something that mainstream console manufacturers should have been doing years ago. I asked if the developers expected Sony/MS/Nintendo to take note of this?

    Maybe? What the result will be, who knows? was André LaMothe's enigmatic reply.

    Since the XGS is all about creating your own games, it would also be great if a mechanism were in place to allow individual developers to market their own games. For example one that made it possible for developers to sell their games online.

    We are absolutely going to support that. In fact people can do whatever they want and at our site we will have a section for them to distribute free or sell their games, he assured us.