Nintendo Insider have posted a short transcript of a conference call they had with SEGA's Kristin Calcagno and Heather Hall about Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, their upcoming exclusive Gamecube game. Also available is a 3Mb download of the uncut 30 minute conference call in WMA format:

    Heather also confirmed for us some details about the game's multiplayer modes. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg will sport several cooperative modes when released, as well as competitive modes as well. I asked if the game would support LAN play - but sadly it won't. She did tell us that in the next week or so to keep an eye out for a new playable demo in GameCube kiosks across the country. 10,000 stores will have the kiosk in September. Whether or not that demo will feature a new level or the same one from the GCN Preview disc was not revealed.