Digital Sportspage have a bit of news concerning a feature in Madden 2004 allowing players to import their classes from NCAA 2004, which in fact does not work:

    EA Sports has released the latest in its NFL franchise, Madden 2004, to masses of eager gamers this week.

    But Xbox owners who purchased Madden 2004 hoping to be able to import their classes from NCAA 2004 into the pro game got a big surprise -- the feature didn't work.

    Check out this quick report about this major bug by the colossus of sports gaming.

    EA Sports rarely makes quality control mistakes with its games. Love or hate their gameplay, EA games usually have strong quality control and testing. There may be money plays, but there aren't many niggling bugs.

    That sparkling track record is taking a serious broadside with Madden 2004 for the Xbox. The Xbox version -- and only the Xbox version -- of the newest edition of EA's mega-popular NFL franchise contains a major bug: NCAA 2004 owners can't import draft classes to Madden 2004, not with Xbox versions of the game. This feature was promised in pre-game hype, but an error results whenever a gamer attempts to move players from NCAA 2004 to Madden 2004.

To read more about this bug and to find out what EA's response was, go here.