Action Vault have posted part 12 of thier X² - The Threat Beta Report. In this edition, Darren Astles Fiction Co-Author or X², continues the story:

    The ship came to a stop and I breathed a sigh of relief. My hand still firmly holding the flight stick pushed all the way to the right, I realised I had missed the rock by only a few metres. I climbed into the top gun turret and stared through its protective space screen. There it was, almost touching the transparent material of the turret, a large, slowly moving rock face. So close I could have reached out with my hand and touched it if the screen had not been between us.

    Time to move the Corvette before the asteroid made a full spin and a possible larger other side ploughed into us. I returned to the flight controls and ensuring the ship was indeed pointing away from the rock, I engaged the engines to move us slowly away.

    This was going to take a lot longer than I'd hoped. Still, there was plenty of profit in the job, and I was still a long way short of recouping my losses from the all out battle I had won against the intruders.