German Developer CDV has sent over some details about thier upcoming RPG called Divine Divinity. Heres a list of the games features:

The vast world of Rovellon

    The dark fantasy world of Rovellon spread across more than 20,000 screens, reveals its secrets slowly. As you progress through this mysterious, troubled land, permeated with a rich symbolism, your status changes subtly - from hunted, to hunter, and finally to saviour.
Unique interaction with 150 non-playing characters

    You'll find you have to make use of every opportunity for character interaction - the 150 NPCs each have their own purpose and their own motivations, not all them benevolent. The standard RPG formula of 'retrieve item - receive award" doesn't always work quite so straightforwardly in Divine Divinity.
High resolution graphics

    The overall atmosphere of foreboding is greatly augmented by the graphics, which, in resolutions up to 1024 x 768, show an unprecedented level of detail and clarity throughout the 20,000-plus screens that constitute the full playing area.
Revolutionary artificial intelligence

    Developer Larian Studios has worked to create an artificial intelligence system in Divine Divinity that gives the game an entirely credible feel. For example, the non-playing characters, whether people or the 100-plus monsters, will all react differently to you, the player, according to your behaviour, actions, and level of development in the game. Non-playing characters will remember their previous encounters with you - so be careful how you treat them!
Choose your own gaming style

    Divine Divinity gives you more scope for choosing the right way to play, at the right time, in the right place. At any point in the game, you can choose to act in either an action-oriented manner or go through the detailed quests and sub-quests in more traditional role-playing fashion.
Dynamic story telling system

    As well as being able to choose your game-playing style throughout Divine Divinity, you have complete freedom of movement through the world of Rovellon, so that you will lose all sense of simply completing one quest in order to embark on the next.