Computer and Video Games also interviews Creative Assembly's Ian Roxburg about Rome: Total War, the latest game in the Total War RTS series:

    How closely do the missions and campaigns in Rome: Total War follow the events on which they are based?

    Roxburgh: Very closely actually. We've not finalised yet what mini campaigns we're going to be doing, but the main campaign has all the major events that occurred in that historical period.

    And it follows the same timeline, so we're also going to be doing historical battles, which will be accurate in terms of the troop types that we use, the start positions and the way the battles actually panned out in reality.

    It's historically accurate up until the point where that interferes with gameplay, because gameplay is king. So if there's a decision to be made between historical accuracy and gameplay, then gameplay wins, without question. So anything that's inaccurate is purely for gameplay purposes.