Computer and Video Games interviews William Henry Stahl about Full Spectrum Warrior, Pandemic Studios' upcoming Xbox tactical shooter:

    Full Spectrum Warrior players will be in command of squads of troops, there being (from what we understand) two teams, Alpha and Bravo. Can you describe the troop make-up of each squad to us?

    Stahl: FSW simulates dismounted, light infantry. A squad would be two teams of four soldiers. Each team would have a team leader, an automatic rifleman, a grenadier and a rifleman. The team leader is usually the highest-ranking member of the team.

    The automatic rifleman is trained to use the M249 SAW - that is the high-casualty producing weapon. The grenadier carries the M4 with the 203-grenade launcher mounted underneath. Both the rifleman and the team leader carry the standard M4 assault rifle. Each team is usually equipped with both fragmentation and white phosphorous grenades.