HomeLAN also chats with Iain McNeil of Slitherine Software about Spartan, their upcoming historical strategy game:

    HomeLAN - What can you tell us about the single player campaign in the game?

    Iain McNeil - The campaign game will be very free form. It covers all of Greece and many of the areas colonized by her. There are over 100 different nations all vying for supremacy on a huge map. You can also choose to play smaller scenarios with less nations if you want a shorter game. Not all nations are equal and some will be much easier to succeed with than others! We set up the start conditions such as national borders, cities, resources, populations, armies etc. From this start point the world evolves differently each time. The players actions and the reactions of the AI to these events mean its a complex model and subtle changes can have knock on effects around the world. For example, you may run low on grain and be forced to buy in large amounts. This will raise the price of grain and could result in armies on the other side of the world starving because they can no longer afford to import the grain.