RPG Vault have posted part one of their Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria Diary. In this part Steve Fawkner, the creator and designer of the previous titles, explains how the series will evolve and advance this time:

    This really forces us to ask another question first: Should a sequel just be a clone? I guess this depends a little on the genre involved. Now that we have produced titles like sports games, driving games and flight sims that are already ultra-realistic, I think it's fine that a sequel to these games be only a small evolutionary step. I mean, when I upgrade NBA2k3 to NBA2k4, I only really want to see some more polygons, some more fancy dunks and a new player roster. However, the strategy, action, FPS and RPG genres have so much more opportunity for creative input that I think blatantly cloning such a game is truly a wasted opportunity.