HomeLAN have also posted the fifth part of the Homeplanet Backstory. They have also got four new screenshots from the game:

    Beta Draconis

    Beta Draconis is called the Rastaben system sometimes. The ancient astrologists declared that the crooks and adventurers, robbers and kleptomaniacs are being born under the Rastaben star (they also called it Alvaide). Just like in support of the Earth astrologists, the system of Beta Draconis is the out-of-the-way and gangster district of the Confederation. The only inhabited planet of the system is Tripoli, which was colonized as an experiment of the terraforming and had no important part in Confederation affairs till now. But, as spaceships became cheaper and space pirates had livened up, exactly Beta Draconis and Tripoli became the center of the gangsters' capital and pirates' groups. At the moment, the free communities of Tripoli are the main headache of the Confederation's police forces.