HomeLAN chats with Mad Doc Software's Ian Davis and Tara Teich about Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna, the official expansion pack for the popular RPG game:

    HomeLAN - Why was Mad Doc Software picked as the developer and what input will Gas Powered Games have in the creation of the expanion?

    Ian Davis - GPG and Microsoft saw the talented artists, programmers, and designers at Mad Doc, saw the millions of games sold by our staff, and must have seen something they liked!

    Tara Teich - Gas Powered Games has been very involved in many aspects of the development. We've had the benefit of the expertise of their artists, designers and team members in helping us to learn everything we can about what the tools and the engine can do. They've worked closely with us to make sure we kept everything up to the high standard set by the original Dungeon Siege. They've also contributed directly to the game - you'll find some regions of the game and monsters crafted by members of the original DS1 team.