Gamers Hell chats with Development Director Tomáš Bencík about Shadow Vault, Mayhem Studios' upcoming turn-based strategy RPG:

    Considering the genre mix, can you tell us how is Shadow Vault different from similar games on the market?

    Before we began working on the Shadow Vault project we made a survey among computer games players. The question was, what would they like to see in a game. The main concept of the game (and that is what makes it different from other games) looks like this: In the first place it is an easy-to-handle and intuitive controls. The player does not have to struggle with the manual and he quickly gets used with the game principles. Then a strong storyline that keeps the player concentrated on the game. This effect is strengthened by character advancements. When the player already mastered all the conventional weapons strategies he will have the opportunity to check out the paranormal abilities of dr. Black or some specialties of the enemy desperado. Furthermore, our testers agree that Shadow Vault has possibly the highest Kill Per Second ratio from all turn-based strategies, so there should not be any need for game dynamics (within the TBS genre, of course).