3DAvenue interviews someone at EA about about Madden NFL 2004. They discuss the owner mode, playmaker control, graphics, DB AI and more:

    Q. If there has been one truly outstanding feature of the Madden series, it is the animations and general graphical quality. What measures have been taken to make 2004 PC even more realistic? Will Madden 2004 PC feature DirectX 9 extensions featured in ATi/Nvidia's chips?

    Madden NFL 2004 PC does continue the tradition of placing a priority on graphical quality. This year the PC version will support the latest in graphical advancements such as per pixel shading, specular lighting, global illumination, and soft shadow techniques. By taking advantage of these features we've been able to create stunning visuals such as metallic (think Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and shiny helmets, reflective facemasks, shiny uniforms, cubic environmental mapping of helmets, and specific time of day stadium shadows. Add all of this up and Madden NFL 2004 PC is one of the best, if not the best, looking games in any genre.