RPG Vault have posted part 5 of their Greyhawk: The Temple of Elemental Evil Journal. This time round, Troika Games' Programmer, Aaron Brunstetter talks about various truths and misconceptions:

    "I won't be able to do that. I've never done anything so complicated before!"

    Originally, I thought that that game development would have such a steep learning curve that it would take me years to contribute. After all, when I arrived, my professional experience amounted to almost nothing. But I was wrong. There are so many things going on where we are all invited and encouraged share our views and offer input. I've come to learn that Troika is fairly uncommon regarding its policies toward group involvement. There are no barriers to cross when someone wants to voice their opinion, so it was actually easy to come in and make an impact. Certainly, there are aspects of our game (programming tasks especially) that require gobs of experience and technical know-how, but most tasks require simple problem-solving and reasoning skills, and a love of games in general.