TeamXbox chats with Leon Walters as he talks about about SWAT: Global Strike Team, the upcoming first-person tactical arcade game from Sierra:

    Can you give us specifics on how many missions are in the game, as well as the mission objectives?

    Leon Walters: There's over 20 single player missions. Each mission will have varying objectives that you must achieve using your own skills and those of your squad. Typically missions will involve rapid entry to secure an area that may have bombs that require defusing, hostages to rescue, bad guys to disarm and/or take into custody. Some missions require a stealthy, tactical approach others an aggressive 'all guns blazing' style. Ultimately it's down to the player how they want to behave - bad cop/good cop - that will determine how the levels play out. Levels are often populated with civilians or innocent bystanders whom you 'should' protect, but your primary objectives are the most important, saving civilians falls under 'rules of engagement' and it's up to the player whether they care about what happens in the crossfire.