Action Vault have posted part 4 of their ongoing Q&A with the X² - The Threat Team. This time around, the team are asked what are the most important, interesting or otherwise notable changes in X2 - The Threat versus the previous X titles:

    Jon Handby

    Universe Design

    X2 is visually more stunning! What more can I say? Well I can go on. X2's universe has had a lot of work put into it; there are many details that the previous games missed. In the previous games, there were some hidden secrets that came in the form of pirate stations. Many players of both X - Beyond the Frontier and X-Tension will know about the pirate base in Ore Belt. (It's very far away in a dense asteroid field; if you didn't know it was there, then you would never have found it!) X2 covered some of these details in the form of many hidden things. Some you will scream for joy, some you will scream in anger. Not all secrets are good.