HomeLAN also chats with Infinium Labs' CEO Tim Roberts as he talks about their PC-based game console called, Phantom:

    HomeLAN - Originally the Phantom console was supposed to be fully revealed back in March. Why has there been a delay in releasing more info about the console?

    Tim Roberts - There is a fine line involved when trying to be open about a new and exciting product while still trying to keep it under wraps in its developmental stage. We are well aware of the exciting opportunity Phantom presents to the market and we have high hopes that it will be responsive. However, it's important to understand that we are pushing the envelope and have very aggressive timelines. It is hard to see into the future and we do our best to align all of the things which have to occur to hit these dates. Sometimes there are delays from partners and events which cause a quick change to our plan, yet none of these delays have slowed down our production, the Phantom is coming.