Computer and Video Games have interviewed the IO Interactive team about Freedom Fighters, their squad-based action adventure game:

    What's the story behind Freedom Fighters?

    IO: The game is set in an alternate version of today, where the Soviet Union has won World War II; the game takes place in a New York City that's been invaded by Soviet troops. The US Army has already been defeated, within a matter of hours, so it's up to a small core group of resistance fighters to take on the enemy.

    It's a squad-based action game, and to begin with you'll need to recruit squad members. The thing with making a game with squad members to back you up is that you want the pace of the gameplay to stay really high, something that some squad-based games in the past haven't really managed to do so successfully.

    We want to keep it action packed; the idea of the game is to make something that's more entertaining than the other, very serious squad games that are out there. Instead of progressing very carefully, using stealth, here it's all about the action.