Operation Sports have posted the first of a weekly column which will take a look at the world of sports and sports gaming:

    NCAA's "Dynasty Mode" re-defined the way gamers looked at franchise-type modes, and it provides one of the most satisfying experiences a gamer can hope for.

    All those different teams, different stadiums, and an authentic college atmosphere make this the definitive football game on the market today.

    Clay: Madden, to me, is becoming the greatest game anyone ever stole. I can't help but feel that I'm playing NCAA with a little extra shine (courtesy of the extra month of production time and 300% less players and teams to enter). NCAA drops an extremely cool and innovative new pop this year with their SI Covers and era-specific player models, and what do we get from Madden? They "borrow" Owner's Mode from "Front Office Football"!

    NCAA may never outsell Madden, but Jeff Luhr's team is clearly putting out a superior product year in and year out. Maybe next year, when every EA title has implemented the SI integration and great audio commentary engine that the college team is using, the #1 football title will fall where it clearly belongs.

    Shawn: Once again, NCAA has set the bar high - let's see if anyone else can reach it.