RipNet-UK have posted this article which takes a look at the relative merits of Windows and Linux as a desktop operating system. They think it will generate some widely differing opinions. Obviously they have not been in a Windows vs. Lunix/Unix war before:

    JC: Both Linux and Windows stem from the same family tree many eons ago yet they are both remarkably different products today. Windows dominates the OS market in our homes and offices for a series of critical reasons. Firstly, almost anyone with a basic knowledge of Windows can quickly set up a system and tweak it to suit their tastes. Processes are well automated and many assumptions are made that speed up the whole process. Linux on the other hand is kind enough to ask you every little question imaginable and will always assume if not told to do something it won't. Here's where its first downfall stems from.

    RIP: Although not positive I have my doubts about Linux and Windows originating from the same tree? As far as I know Linux is based upon a rewrite of Unix code, whilst Windows' origins lie in DOS and Basic. As for not merrily installing everything without confirming with the user first; well, that could be seen as either a downfall or indeed a plus point, depending on your point of view! I'd suggest that the Linux option makes more sense from a security and stability standpoint.