TeamXbox have posted the second part of their Q&A session with John Whitmore, Director of Development at 2015 about Men of Valor: Vietnam, their upcoming first person shooter set during the Vietnam Conflict:

    What influences went into "Men of Valor: Vietnam"? (Movies, literature, etc.) How much did "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault" influence MoV?

    John W: In terms of the visuals and audio, we derived some inspiration from Vietnam movies like Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, but the main influences on gameplay, story, and scenario designs were period accounts and combat footage from the war. Books like Line of Fire and Dispatches really helped the designers get a sense of the atmosphere of the war, and the book Bloods influenced us to feature African American characters. Since the missions are based on historical reports and first person accounts, those sources were probably the most influential for our production.

    MOHAA set the benchmark for the cinematic first person shooter, and our goal is to exceed the drama and immersion of that title. Moving the game to Vietnam, we could no longer rely so much on recreating scenes from major war movies to serve as scripted events. Instead, we went to period accounts to find the dramatic scenes that lend emotional intensity to the game, and the result is a more personally affecting player experience that doesn't feel contrived or cheesy.

    In terms of gameplay, we've received a lot of feedback from MOHAA fans about what they liked and didn't like about that game, and have incorporated their suggestions. You'll be able to see the influence of that game upon MOVV when playing, but overall the game feels more "fair" with less instant anonymous kills, and no Snipertown.