Gamers Hell have posted an interview with Kelly Asay as he talks about Enigma: Rising Tide, their "Command Simulator" game which is available in Europe now:

    The game claims to have many different perspectives and levels of control. Can you play the game entirely in one role? For example, can you let the computer take over the major battle decisions while you float along as a deck gunner?

    Interesting perspective, but no. You are the Commander.

    When multiplayer is launched you will be able to accept a subordinate role on a ship if you choose. There will also be opportunities for non-military participation: Join a merchant fleet delivering coffee or oil or rubber. Take a cruise on an Ocean liner or a Zeppelin. You can also move into a Port command role - this is where the RTS elements come in.

    In the singleplayer you can man other stations, but you are always the Commander.