Computer and Video Games have got an interview with Tony Casson, producer of Qidditch, a game inspired by a game found in JK Rowling's series of books:

    There's obviously the whole Harry Potter phenomenon that's going to make the title appealing to a certain market, but does the game stand up in it's own right?

    Casson: It's a sports title, like any other sports title. One of the biggest compliments that we had today was from one of the other journalists, who said "Quidditch? Cash-in right?" But after I showed him the game, he was like "I'm gonna put this in my magazine, this is totally not what I was expecting."

    We wouldn't be happy just releasing a weak sports game. We've worked really hard on making sure that this plays right, not just for the casual gamer; we've worked hard so that the hardcore gamer sees the special moves, sees the depth, and gets caught up in the game. You've got teams that have got martial arts-style moves - there's a lot here to take in.