HomeLAN also chats with Christopher Natsuume of Crytek about Far Cry, their upcoming first person shooter for publisher Ubi Soft:

    HomeLAN - Are there actual "levels" in Far Cry or is the game set in one big world with no load times?

    Christopher Natsuume - As long as data is stored on hard-drives, there will be some loading time in games - it is a matter of how and when you load. We do not have a "briefing-mission-debriefing" structure. It is a more of an open-ended story, where we have cutscenes that explain where you are going and why - and also hide loading times... We are working right now on minimizing the loading of new data - but these islands are pretty huge, and the texture loads on these characters are enormous. We can hide a lot with dynamic streaming - but you may have to wait a bit every now and then.