Another review from Gamitopia, they must be catching up on lost time I guess, this time its for King of the Hill. Heres the usual snippit:

    In King of the Hill, you are given the option to play one of two games. The first game is called Hootenanny, where you become a new resident of Arlen, Texas. When you begin, you meet up with Hank Hill and the gang, who introduce you to an upcoming party and invite you to take part in it. Throughout the day at the party, you will have to opportunity to play five different mini-games: Tic Tac Toss, Scavenger Hunt, Lawnmower Race, Paint Ball, and Mini-Golf. Out of the five mini-games (which aren't too entertaining), the only thing of any interest was Paint Ball and Mini-Golf. Between each of the mini-games you get to talk and interact a bit with the characters of the game, and while some things can be funny, things get repetitive very quickly.