TeamXbox have posted part one of a Q&A session with John Whitmore, Director of Development at 2015 as he talks about Men of Valor: Vietnam, their upcoming first person shooter set during the Vietnam Conflict:

    Why did you choose as the main character a new recruit? How will he evolve as a character in regards to abilities?

    John W: In Men of Valor, we wanted to portray the ordinary trooper who forms the backbone of all armed forces in all wars. We wanted the heroism of the player to be the result of his actions on the battlefield, rather than a pre-existing notion in the player's head. We also wanted to show how the individual had to rely on his comrades on the battlefield rather than going it alone, and how important trust and companionship becomes in the brutal circumstances of war. So the character had to be a new recruit who could grow to learn and experience these things on his own as the game progressed.

    The player will increase in effectiveness as he plays through missions, learning how his enemies and friendlies react in different situations, how to correctly employ weapons for maximum effect, and how to implement tactics with the command system. We expect that encounters that were deadly to the player in the early missions of the game will become routine towards the end, when he's learned how to fight effectively.