Action Vault have posted the third part of their X² - The Threat Team Q&A. This part asks the question, Among the various potential enemies in X2 - The Threat, what are a couple that you consider particularly interesting, and why?:

    Greg Kingston

    Mission Author

    Well, of course the Khaak are the ones that immediately spring to mind. There is so little known about them and that's what makes them fascinating. Where do they come from, why have they arrived, how many of them are there ;) and what are their intentions? Then of course, there are the Xenon, our old foes from previous X games. It seems that despite many wars, you just can't eliminate them completely.

    Potential enemies? Hmm. You get to decide. If you are a pirate, the whole universe could be your enemy, leaving you limited places in which to spend your ill-gotten credits. Or you could just pick on another race - now where is my map to the Boron sectors... ;)