Operation Sports interviews Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts, about ESPN NFL Football:

    Operation Sports: How has the offensive and defensive AI been tweaked?

    Greg Thomas: One big complaint of the AI on the offensive side was that it wouldn't be that aggressive; you wouldn't see the QB take off too often or the CPU wouldn't try the long bomb too often. This year, the AI will take a couple more chances that will definitely keep the player on his toes. On the defensive end, last year we really had some good DB/WR interaction but it could definitely be improved; you'll really see that this year as DB's and WR's jostle for position. The CPU will also make defensive AI adjustments before the snap of the ball, and you'll often see the defense shift their players to play closer to the line when they think you're running the ball. These are just a few of the things we've done to really tune the game and make the AI play a good challenging, but most of all, fun game of football.