HomeLAN also chats with Chris B. Jensen of Broadcraft Studios about their Quake 3 powered shooter, which is currently nameless:

    HomeLAN - How did the idea for your game come about?

    Chris B. Jensen - Well, when we had a company, we had to make a killer game :-) We had a lot of good ideas but had to pick one of them to focus on, and we though that a pure alien fps game would be cool to do. One of the reasons was that a lot of the fps games out there now is focused on military and ww2, so we wanted to do some thing a bit different than that; also if we did a game with non humans involved we could have some sweet features on our characters and the alien world that the humans can't have cuz of the physiques on planet Earth.

    So we had the alien idea, but we needed something more, so we had a brainstorm that lasted for 3 days i think.. where we just wrote down ideas for characters, classes, missions, weapons, the storyline, basically everything, then we formed it all into a pretty cool story with 3 different alien races.