Gamers Hell have posted an Interview with E-Pie Entertainment's Director of International Development, John Fuhrman, about Shanghai Dragon, their upcoming 3D Action shooter:

    What makes this game different from other shooting/adventure games available?

    Last I heard, Shanghai Dragon is the only game to be set in 1930s Shanghai, an era when the city was really rocking until the Japanese invaded. On top of that, you'll find that the street scenes and buildings have been put in the game like they were in real life. That took time but it wasn't terribly hard, because we not only had documentary materials to consult, but also the city's street layout and some of the buildings are basically the same today as they were years ago. So the location and appearance of stuff was easy to get right. We went down there to photograph streets and video buildings and there we had it. Also, Shanghai Dragon is different from many games as far as gameplay goes, with an arcade feel to it that takes the player from scene to scene and moves you through the game automatically.