TeamXbox have a behind the scenes article with Ultimate Beach Soccer producer Laurent Claramonte to find out more about the motion capturing sessions for the game:

    Can you briefly outline the mocap process?

    Laurent Claramonte: First we created and purchased suits that would fit the players...picture something similar to a wet suit. We added captors at various areas of their body (head, arms, foots and also back) in order to always have the maximum number of captors visible for each motion capture camera (about 40 captors on the suits). This way, if a captor is not visible by one camera (such as if the player turns or falls), another one can track this it.

    Before the session starts, we have to calibrate all the motion capture cameras (24 cameras surrounding the sand pit): The player stands in the middle of the sand pit, holding his arms horizontally. All the captors should be visible and tracked by at least one camera. It is particularly difficult in this case because of sand. Indeed, foot captors are often hidden by sand (during tackles, falls...) and cameras lose them. We had then to manually re-adjust the motion capture data...