DailyGame have posted a Q&A with the One Must Fall: Battlegrounds team to find out more about their beat em up title:

    How does OMF:BG differ from the standard fighting fare we've seen up until now?

    You hit it on the head. The "standard fighting fare." There are only so many places that you can go as long as its always going to be two people in the arena fighting with a single focus: the other person. With Battlegrounds, players now have the ability to move in any direction, to choose their target, or to assault multiple targets at once. We have spent an inordinate amount of time on balance and on ensuring that the game is fun. From the start we will be offering solid gameplay, the ability to really mix it up with a bunch of people at once. Its not about who can press the memorized combos the fastest any longer, its about exploiting opportunities, building combos on the fly, and strategic positioning. Battlegrounds brings a depth to the table that no other fighter has ever been able to offer.