HomeLAN also chats with Infinity Ward's Todd Alderman and Michael Boon about Call of Duty, their WWII based first person shooter:

    HomeLAN - There are three single player campaigns in Call of Duty. Can you briefly describe the storyline for each one?

    Todd Alderman - Call of Duty features missions from the American, British, and Russian sides. The American campaign takes the player from the role of a pathfinder, leading the way into the allied invasion, from racing through villages to reestablish contact with other platoons all the way to clearing out artillery at Brecourt Manor which target the beach for the D-Day landings. The British campaign showcases the work of military commandos securing the famous Pegasus Bridge, an attack on the Eder Dam, and securing an airfield while making a heroic escape. The Russian campaign focuses on the masses of soldiers forced to take the demolished city of Stalingrad, crossing Red Square on the path to secure the elusive Pavlov's House, and to engage the enemy in a squad of Russian tanks. It all culminates in the chaotic taking of Berlin.