Loadedinc have an interview with Philip Harris of Batfish Studios about their real time tactical strategy title, Captain Scarlet:

    How did the Gerry Anderson/Captain Scarlet idea come about? How easy was it to gain the rights to develop a game based on the classic series?

    Initially we were going to produce a very different game, it was a strategy game but with a very different setting and style of gameplay. The initial concept work was virtually complete and we were about to start production of the prototype when Digital Workshop contacted me with a new idea. Carlton Licensing had approached Digital Workshop with the idea a game based around the Captain Scarlet brand and Digital Workshop wanted to know whether we would be interested in working on it.

    Having been fans of the series and Gerry Anderson shows in general it was a very easy decision to make. It also helped that the premise of the series, a team of security agents combating an alien menace, fits very well with the type of strategy game that we enjoy playing and were interested in developing.