Action Vault have interviewed Extreme FX' Producer Andrew Westwood about Apocalyptica, their third-person team-based action game:

    Action Vault: What kind of gameworld have you created? Will there be many different locations for the players to see and explore?

    Andrew Westwood: There are four sections in Apocalyptica, each further split into several levels. The first section is set on Jerusalem V, a human colony that has recently been captured by the forces of Neo-Satan. It is a barren, desert-like world but the capital city, Zaraphiel, is a place of many different styles of architecture, both medieval and futuristic. The player starts in the deserts outside the city and must make his way past the enemy defenses via the sewer system to get inside.

    The second section is set in space. The player is aboard the Ecclesiarchy ship, the S.S. Ariziel, and must make their way through. This ship is, however, being absorbed into the superstructure of The Suneater, one of Neo-Satans bioships. The player must enter The Suneater to save the Ecclesiarchy troops. The whole space section is a lot darker and more claustrophobic in feel.

    The third section is set on the remains of what was once the Earth, now renamed as Nu-Hades. Some of the levels in this section range from escaping from a satanic temple to exploring the post-apocalyptic ruins of the cities and to fighting through a zombie-infested graveyard.

    The final section is set in the pits of Hell itself as the player heads off to find the source of all evil itself, Neo-Satan. Levels range from trying to cross the river Styxx to navigating the infernal city of Dis, and so on, but the last few levels we will keep under our hats.