Gamasutra is running an article taking a look at Extreme Game Development. Extreme Game Development is a game production method which focuses one the point, that it should result in a working product:

    Extreme Game Development (XGD) is an agile game production method based on the popular software development method called Extreme Programming (XP). XP is not simply another fancy development method; it focuses instead on the one truly crucial issue: creating a working product.

    Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham created XP while working on a project for Daimler Chrysler in 1996, although it was the result of several years of reflection on previous projects. Later on, Ron Jeffries and Martin Fowler joined them in their work. There are several examples of games developed using XP, or on which XP has been tested [FRISTOM02]. But since XP was created for programmers, it needed to be tailored to game designers, artists, and all the other non-programmers who play a role in game development. The result of this quest was Extreme Game Development.