HomeLan Fed have also interviewed tainless Steel Studios' Rick Goodman about Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, their upcoming RTS game:

    HomeLAN - We have heard that each playable side will not have any real overlapping units. How hard is it to develop and balance a game with that kind of design?

    Rick Goodman - The team has painstakingly created 250 unique, individual units to accurately represent the seven mighty civilizations covered. Every soldier, cavalry, tank and ship is unique. This means that there are no shared units; no units, which look different, but have the same attributes. You asked how hard this is to play balance... Let me answer by mentioning that we had to discard everything we'd learned about play balance over the last five years and start from scratch. Our goal is to create imbalances in every civilization, to give each its own pronounced and unique strengths and weaknesses. I know this may sound counter-intuitive from a play balance perspective, but the goal is to achieve excellent play balance between civilizations, which employ completely different strategies and tactics.