Huge Press Release for you today, this one gove details of how you can enter a LAN competition to play Virgins upcoming FPS shooter, Codename: Outbreak, before it is released. Just so you know the release date is set for sometime in September. Heres the details:

    Virgin Interactive has joined forces with the first UK National LAN Tour to promote the hotly-tipped and eagerly awaited Strategic First Person Shooter - Codename: Outbreak.

    That's right, pack your sniper rifle as of July 27 the UK National LAN Tour goes on a whistle stop tour of the UK - hitting Cardiff (July 27th to 29th), Dublin (August 3rd to 5th), Glasgow (August 10th until 12th), Manchester (August 17th to 19th) and finishing in London (August 24th to 27th).

    The competition is likely to be cut-throat as FPS gamers compete head to head for prize money and the titles of Welsh, Irish, Scottish, North of England, South of England and UK National Champion. The Tournaments are open to anyone with an interest in Codename: Outbreak, Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament or Counter Strike. All you have to do is visit the official web site WWW.UK-LAN-TOUR.CO.UK, register, pay a small entry fee, turn up and play.

    In single-player mode, Codename: Outbreak is a heart-in-mouth strategic-action fest, combining moments of all-out-action with tactical planning as players command a two-man strike force. The game utilises sophisticated enemy routines, with complex sight and hearing algorithms combing to create highly intelligent adversaries. Missions need to be tackled in number of ways - guard routines need to be studied and surveillance disabled before a successful strike is launched. The buddy system allows players to specify timed attacks so sentries can be taken out simultaneously. Co-ordination between the two team-mates is vital, and players can directly switch between soldiers as they wish. Alternatively, commands can be issued to fellow soldiers with key strokes, leaving players able to concentrate on their own actions.

    Multi-player modes will introduce advanced objectives, as players compete co-operatively or against one another.

    A jaw-dropping display engine will boast resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 as players are treated to a game world boasting directional lighting, dynamic colour illumination, volumetric fog, realistic water surfaces, and figures comprising up to 1000 polygons - all wrapped in a stunning particle system explosion system.

    The Virgin Interactive Codename: Outbreak National LAN Tournament is open to anyone who registers their name on the UK National LAN Web site. Registration for this tournament is subsidised by Virgin Interactive and as such is absolutely FREE. So hurry because places to compete in, and experience, the next big First Person Shooter are limited and subject to a first come first served basis.

    In addition to the UK Regional and National Championships, the tour will also host the first National LAN Party. The LAN Party will run over three days (four in London) at each of the five venues. LAN parties provide an electrifying environment for the FPS fan frustrated with the high ping rates and lag of on-line gaming. The entire event is open to 'newbie', professional and family alike and they promise hours of electrifying fragging.

For Further details on the UK National LAN Tour, goto